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Advice On Servicing Your Air Conditioners

When your air conditioner is in a proper working condition, it can be quite easy to forget that it even exists. Fortunately, an air conditioner is one of those very reliable pieces of equipment with a great reputation for long life span and durability. However, it definitely needs a little attention and love to ensure that it is working properly. Should the parts of your unit get run down or dirty, it can suffer a significant decrease in efficiency, in some cases reaching less than 40% of its capacity. This leads to you having to adjust it to a higher setting for longer periods of time, which can greatly impact your electricity bills. This makes having knowledge of how to service your air conditioners a very cost effective option, when compared to the cost of hiring a maintenance service.

Advice On Servicing Your Air Conditioners

When you buy an air conditioning unit, you will find out that you will have parted with quite a huge amount of money. The purchase made together with installation costs will make you spend the kind of cash that will demand the need for good maintenance and care of the system. No one wants to part with such a large amount of money only for unit break down earlier than expected. This is the reason for ensuring you have the know-how of how to service your air conditioners regularly. Eventually, you will realize that by taking good care of the system, you will be making quite a significant saving in terms of money. Below are some aircon servicing tips.

One way of ensuring your air conditioning unit lasts long is by making sure you are not using the system exceedingly. This means turning it off when you are not in need of the air conditioner. By doing so, you will also have certainty that the rate at which the components will be wearing off will have been decreased significantly.

Once you have ensured that the unit is not being over-utilized, you can now put into consideration other aircon maintenance tips that can prolong the lifespan of the system. This can be done by making sure the system is inspected from time to time by a qualified contractor. The contractor will the check the components and ensure there are no major problems developing in the unit.

There are other aircon maintenance tips to consider such as regularly replacing the system’s filters. It is recommended that the filters are changed monthly. Apart from the regular filter, there are others that can be utilized. However, it is vital to consult a technician first. By not letting the unit utilize worn out filters, then you will be saving the system from a lot of harm. One will also enjoy the benefits associated with a better performing system. They include being able to enjoy the cool air that the air conditioner is supposed to provide in a much better manner.

A homeowner can buy a cap from a hardware shop to put at the end of their air-conditioning drain. Once capping it is done, one should find the outside end of the drain and suck out the dirt using a dry vacuum. You should ensure that the cap is removed as soon as the vacuuming in complete.   An air conditioning technician has to utilize the help of a high pressure vacuum in order to make the drain clear. This should be done at least once per year to avoid any accumulation capable of causing mold growth in the air conditioner as well as water damage to walls and ceiling.

Another vital maintenance tip involves cleaning the air-conditioner coils. In order to clean the coils, ensure that you first disconnect power from the unit. After that, wet the area to be cleaned using a garden hose. While wearing safety glasses and gloves spray the air-conditioner cleaner, this is commercially available at any HVAC dealer, onto the coils.  It should be allowed to set for a few minutes and then rinsed down thoroughly using the hose.

It would be very unfortunate to have an air conditioning system that is not serving you as anticipated. Eventually, you will come to the realization that the system performs better and also significantly increasing its lifespan. The sooner one adopts good maintenance of the system, the better.