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Air Conditioners Mistakes You Should To Avoid

Singapore’s climate is warm and humid throughout the year with rainfall happening almost every day. Due to its climate, it can be very uncomfortable for those who are not used to such equatorial climate. As such, air conditioners are a must have for Singaporeans to escape from the smouldering heat. You will be hard pressed to find Singaporeans without air conditioning systems at home. However, most Singaporeans are not well informed on the features and usage of their air conditioning systems resulting in higher electrical bills as well as shorter life span of their systems. Hopefully, the following tips will help you in avoiding the same mistakes that many Singaporeans have made in the past.

Selecting The Right Air Conditioner For Your Home

This is probably one of the most common mistakes that Singaporeans make when buying a air con system. Rather than buying based on sales people’s recommendation, it is better to do your due diligence in finding more information on the air conditioning systems that interest you and are within your budget. Also, do take note to buy systems that are perfect for the size of the rooms that you intend to cool. It is not efficient to buy a small capacity system to cool a big room nor is it viable to cool a small room with a big capacity system. Select the right air conditioning system for your home will take some diligence on your part.

Warm Up Your Air Conditioner First

I know it is tempting to just switch on your air conditioner to the lowest possible setting as soon as you reach home. However, if you do this you are in fact making your air conditioner work harder than normal. This in turn causes your system to use more energy, increasing your electrical bills as well as shorten the lifespan of your air con system. The proper way to protect your system is to slowly lower the temperature.  If you want to enjoy a cool home when you reach home, try programing your system to cool your room at a stipulated time before you reach home.

Wrong Placement Of Your Air Conditioner

Placing your air conditioner at the wrong position may cause your room to cool slower than usual. For example, if you place your unit near your window where there is direct sunlight, the sensors in your air conditioner may detect a higher than normal temperature and use up more energy to cool down the room. This in turn will drive up the costs of operating your air con system.

Use A Fan To Lower Your Electrical Bills

Use a fan to help you to cool down your room faster.  The fan can be used in conjunction with your air con to provide cooling relief at a much faster rate. You do not need to lower down the settings too much to cool the room resulting lower running costs. Also, once your room is sufficiently cool down, you can switch off your air con and use a fan to provide cool relief instead.

Service Your Air Conditioner Regularly

Your air con system like cars or other appliances and equipment requires regular servicing and maintenance to operate at optimal level. It is very easy to clean and wash your air con filters and fan coil provided you read the manufacturer’s manual. By cleaning your filters and fan coil regularly, it helps to prevent dirt and dust build up inside your air conditioners. This in turn will help to maintain your air conditioners’ cooling efficiency which equals to lower electrical bills as well as prolonging the lifespan of your system.

However, if you find yourself unsure of how to service your air con units, it is advisable to seek help from air con professionals.

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