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Central Air Conditioning System

A central air conditioner circulates cool air through a mechanism  of ducts. There is a supply duct and a return duct. A supply duct gives out cool air and while it circulates in the house, it becomes warm so it is picked up by the return duct and taken to the central air register. A thermostat will be provided to adjust the temperature.

A typical central air conditioner will be a split system consisting of a unit for compressor and an indoor coil that is located at the top of a furnace of your home. The compressors utilizes electricity to pump the heated air in your house into the indoor coil to cool it down. Heat and moisture are removed from the air circulating in your home and it is blown from above the indoor coil. This indoor coil which cause cooling of the air and circulate in inside the house.


It is very efficient and powerful in keeping your home cool in any kind of weather. The air filter that is installed in the indoor coil will remove the impurities from the air along with cooling it, as a result cleaner and cooler air will be circulated each time. Since its compressor is installed outside of your house, the operation and working of the central air will be comparatively quieter as compared to your traditional air conditioners. In the months of winter, it could also heat up your home at the same rate as it cools down during summer. Also, if you upgrade your home to a central conditioning system, it will look good as well as if you wish to sell it later it could be of greater value.
If you have a window unit, then there are chances of more faults during installation. Maintenance is also required more frequently for a window.


If you are planning to install a central air conditioning system in your home, be prepared to pay a bigger amount on your electricity bill each month.
Along with that, you will have to bear the trouble of expenses by hiring a contractor to do most of your installation work on the central air system.
Plus it requires more time and work before it is completely installed and running. So only if you have a big house and it is becoming really costly to install a window unit in every room, you should adopt the central ac unit.


Two types of coils namely the compressor coil and the indoor coil are used in the working. The compressor coil will be located outside your home and the indoor coil will be giving out cool inside your home. The heat is absorbed in this compressor coil. It consists of a compressor, condensing coil fan and a grill to protect anyone who comes in accidental contact with the fan.

The central air conditioner system will work perfectly if you maintain it properly. You need to keep calling the maintenance company for regular cleaning and repairing. Even if it is located outside your home, you should make sure it is working fine by checking it from time to time. You may have to replace the old parts like filters because the impurities or debris that might be clogged would prove to be dangerous in a long run. Also oiling of the fan that runs on motor is necessary. Compared to the window unit air conditioner, the central air splits have a longer life. You need to keep these things in mind if you wish to install it. It is a great way to keep your home cool even in the hottest months.