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Common Problems Affecting Air Conditioners

Anyone who has air conditioners at home or in their offices, find them absolutely indispensable. You have them installed to avoid any discomfort to your loved ones or staff members for that matter. And it’s particularly true in places known for hot and humid climate. You just can’t do without them, but the problem is that they are often used in conditions that make them worse for wear. The climatic conditions themselves make things difficult and there can be unwarranted breakdowns that can leave things in disarray for you.

But that’s not the end of the misery for many; some outages can be dealt with sooner rather than later. However, there are common problems that if not attended to on time can lead to much bigger problems. There are many who have had to bear huge expenses because small, common problems were not nipped at the bud at the right time. And that’s something you need to avoid as well by knowing more about the problems that can occur with air conditioners and identifying them at the earliest. Regular checkups and maintenance can save you a lot of trouble in the long run, which is what makes them almost imperative for you.

Some of the common problems that occur with air conditioners include:

• They can develop an issue related to turning off or on frequently. There are some units that turn off on their own on a regular basis and that can lead to a lot of nuisance for owners. You need to understand that this problem can be caused because of the compressor being worn out. In some instances it could also have to do with the fan not functioning to its optimum capacity.

• Refrigerant leaks are another commonly seen problem and it just cannot be solved by adding more of it to the unit. The leak has to be checked, fixed and tested by an expert. Only then can it be recharged with adequate amount of refrigerant. When the amount of refrigerant is as much as specified, your unit will function at its optimum. Moreover, you need to remember that these leaks are not good for the environment as well.

• Air conditioners will perform a lot worse than they are supposed to in case they are not maintained as they should be. The performance will get affected when the coil is dirty or the filters are clogged. At times like these it’s often seen that the compressor or the fan gives way, leading to a lot of hassle.

• The condenser failing is another commonly seen problem and it can actually lead to huge repair costs. It’s one of the most expensive repairs you might have to contend with and should be looked into closely.

• The sensor in the unit can fail as well but at times it could be something as simple as it being out of position. The same is true for electronic controls and it’s recommended that you pay attention to them from time to time.

Some of these problems with air conditioners can be fixed easily while others need detailed repairs and sooner the maintenance is carried out, better it is for their longevity.

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