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The Importance Of Air Conditioning Servicing – Especially in Singapore

Singapore has a climate that is very much tropical – it boasts high levels of humidity and temperatures that average around 31 degrees Celsius year-round. Heat is everywhere in Singapore, and almost all commercial and private buildings have air conditioning systems installed. When you are so dependent on air conditioning systems for comfort, it is best to make sure that your systems are serviced and kept functioning well.

The quality and upkeep of an air conditioning unit’s filters, coils, and fins is central is maintaining effective functioning. If servicing is neglected, the unit’s performance will steadily decline. It is only with regular care that air conditioning units will function consistently well for a long period of time. If parts of an AC unit become faulty, dirty, or broken, the unit can experience a huge decline in efficiency, durability, and life span. A decline in energy efficiency will mean a higher electricity bill, as the unit will need to be working longer at a higher setting in order to generate the same amount of cold air as a well-serviced unit. A higher electrical bill may very well cost more than what it would cost to have your unit regularly serviced.

Servicing your air conditioning unit does not have to involve hiring a professional to give your unit an overhaul. Rather, you can do it yourself for little to no cost. Make sure to clean or replace filters regularly, especially if your unit is constantly used. A filter that is clogged and dirty hinders normal airflow and consequently reduces efficiency. Evaporator and condenser coils collect debris over time, and the dirt will reduce airflow and insulate the coils, reducing their ability to absorb heat efficiently. Coils do not need to be checked quarter-yearly or half-yearly, but they should be checked yearly and either cleaned out or replaced. If your coils are located outdoors, the area around the coils should be cleaned regularly, and foliage should be trimmed back at a distance of around 2 feet in order for adequate airflow to occur.

Use a ‘fin comb’ (easily purchased at air conditioning wholesalers) to push back the aluminum fins on evaporator and condenser coils in order to prevent them from bending and blocking smooth airflow. Check condensate drains for clogs as clogged channels will prevent proper dehumidification, and the excess moisture may cause water damages to surrounding walls and carpets.

If you do intend on hiring a professional to service your AC unit, make sure he or she does at least the following:

• Checks for the correct amount of refrigerant

• Uses a leak detector to check for possible refrigerant leaks

• Checks and seals possible duct leakages

• Measures airflow through evaporator coils

• Inspects electrical terminals, cleans and tightens connections

• Oils motor(s), checks belts for wear and tear

• Checks thermostat accuracy

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