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Introduction to Cassette Air Conditioners

The first generation of air conditioners used to take lots of time to cool a room. Apart from that they also used to consume lots of power. The user had to turn the knobs manually in order to turn on or turn off the unit or to increase or decrease the temperature. However the second generation of air conditioners especially the split ones and the latest generation window mounted ones conserve energy and at the same time cool the air efficiently. They also contain a remote control which helps the user to control the unit without getting up from the couch. However the installation process requires a free window for the window air conditioners. Similarly one needs to make a bore in the wall to install a split air conditioner. The introduction of the cassette air conditioners has changed the scenario.

Ability to handle fluctuations in temperature:

Also known as inverter air conditioners these units can be installed in several ways. You have the option of setting it up on the ceiling where nobody will be able to notice it. These cooling units hardly make any noise while running. Their cost of cooling per cubic foot of air is far less when compared with other types of air conditioners. Apart from this they can easily handle extremes in temperate with ease. These gadgets are the perfect solution for the modern home since they provide the cooling effect without disturbing the décor of the room.

Optimum cooling at lower costs:

The best part of such air conditioners is that they provide a comfortable non sweaty environment without any hassles. Initially these machines were designed for industrial use. However it was not long before advancements in technology took over and models for the home made its appearance. This device is designed in such a way that is provides excellent cooling without inflating your power bills. Let us examine what differentiates the cassette air conditioners with the other varieties.

Compressor woes:

In all other air conditioners the compressor turns on to cool the air and a fan pushes the chilled air inside the room. Once the desired temperature is reached a thermostat sensor stops the compressor. During this phase only the fan works. Once the temperature inside the room increases the thermostat sensor senses it and turns on the compressor again. A huge load is put on the compressor due to this continuous shutting down and restarting process. Apart from this each time the compressor turns on it consumes an extra amount of power. This is known as surge voltage.

How does it work?

The cassette air conditioners works in a different way. The compressor of this system speeds up gradually until it cools down the room to the required temperature. Once this temperature is reached the compress gradually slows down and maintains the room temperature. These air conditioners employ a variable frequency drive which allows the electrical inverter to adjust itself to control the speed of the unit’s motor. In a nutshell the compressor keeps on running constantly. It slows down or accelerates to keep the temperature of the room at a constant and comfortable level.

Savings on power bills:

People might think that since the compressor is always in the `on’ mode it will consume more power. However according to statistics these units consume significantly low power. The sensor inside such an air conditioner senses sudden temperature changes in the room and adjusts the compressor accordingly. If you want to enjoy a sweat free environment without denting your bank balance opt for the cassette air conditioners. You have a wide range to choose from since most major air conditioning companies manufacture them.