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Introduction to Split Air Conditioner Systems

Technology and style go hand in hand with the split air conditioner systems at your home. The easy installation and high cost performance is increasing the demand of these air conditioners in countries like Singapore and Malaysia attracting the common masses. Highly efficient and durable the split air conditioner systems are sure to hoard your bucks and avoid useless expenses in the long run. In places with less or no seasonal variations and a hot itchy climate throughout the year the split air conditioner systems are a best choice for you to consider.

How it Works?

The split air conditioner systems are used to modify the condition of the air commonly in homes or other small scale buildings. The mechanism involves the use of a refrigeration cycle which cools the air and then circulates it in the space available. The fans which are located inside the system blow air over the coils to enhance their ability to distribute heat and cool the interiors of a house or room. The split air conditioners separate the cold and the hot side of the system. The colder side which consists of an expansion valve and cold coil is placed in the central furnace. The air handler usually blows the air through the cold coils and drives the cool air currents through a series of ducts located inside the buildings. The hot side commonly known as the condensing unit is located outside the building. This unit comprises of a spiral coil and a weather resistant compressor apart from some control logic. The compressor which is run by the electric motor during the refrigeration cycle causes pressure differences in and out of the room causing cool air to circulate from a low temperature area which acts as the heat source to an area with relatively high temperature which acts as a heat sink. This whole process leads to a decrease in the room temperature effectively and efficiently.


Split air conditioner systems are usually available in two forms: Mini-split and Central.

Central air conditioners: In this type of split air conditioners the internal heat exchanger is fitted in the central furnace of the heating system and is used to dissipate the cool air currents to a larger residential or commercial area.

Mini-split air conditioners: Commonly known as ductless air conditioners the mini-split systems are used to cool a comparatively smaller area as a single room. This type of split air conditioner systems is being widely used because of its design and easy installation. It takes up a small space of your room in one of your room walls. Smaller size and much higher efficiency make it a hit among the general masses.

Pros and Cons of using the split air conditioner systems

With new and enhanced features like variable control and smart compressor technology the split air conditioners have been enhanced a step further to meet to the demands of customers in Singapore and Malaysia. The use of split air conditioner systems has eliminated the need to get an A.C installed in every room of your house. It has a single unit capable of cooling the entire building using the extensive ducts that have to be carefully installed in your homes along with the pipes.

The only thing that might give you sleepless nights is the installation of an extensive duct work throughout your residential building. Firstly the maintenance of the air ducts is quite difficult and a small problem may lead to foul smells circulating throughout the house. Secondly the length of the ducts becomes quite unmanageable and you might land in trouble to get it fixed quickly. However consulting a professional in this field can help you from landing in troubled waters.

Some Tips to Remember

Before getting the split air conditioner systems installed in your homes you need to remember some facts:

  • Avoid mounting the system in presence of direct sunlight or other heat sources and in locations where there is a possibility of gas or oil leakage in the room.
  • The units should be installed at least 3-4 feet away from the connecting wires or antennae used for television radio and other home equipments.


  • The wall should be strong enough to hold the weight of the system. A metal frame can also be built for extra strength.


Split air conditioner systems are a must for every house hold in tropical countries. All you need to do is get an expert advice before installing it in your home. It is the best way to cool up your homes throughout the year for the climate is quite hot. Get it installed to ensure that you and your family members enjoy a cool summer ahead keeping the germs and dirt at bay!