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Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down

Most people do not consider the condition of their air conditioner until something happens to it. There are many mechanical parts to your air conditioning system that can cause problems. Your system can easily fail when you least expect it.

There are a host of things that can go wrong with your system. There are things that you may be able to prevent with the right type of maintenance plan in place. There are many different working components of a air conditioning system both inside the unit and inside the home.

Main Components

Air conditioners have several different components and they come in many different shapes and sizes but they basically all work with the same components. Some times oddly enough it is the smallest parts of the system that will give you the most headaches.

Most all air units have a condenser that is what makes the warm air cold. The condenser is the major part of most air conditioning units and when it fails you will know it. The air will be blowing warm and you may even experience a chemical type smell.

Condenser’s do not have to go completely out for you to experience issues with your indoor climate. If the condenser is not sealed properly or has shaken loose you will also experience similar problems as you would if the condenser was completely broken down.

Most all units have  fan assembly. The fan is typically belt driven. Belts will wear out or time, so if you have a system that has a belt driven fan you will do well to have that belt checked periodically by a service technician.

Leaky seals can also be a big problem. One of the important components of the air conditioning system is the ability for the freon to make it to the necessary components to cool things down. When you notice that your air is not as cool as it use to be you may have a leak in your system. The pipes that carry the freon may have a worn seal.

Of course you also can run into trouble inside the home with your air conditioning system.  You can experience problems with your duct work, thermostat and exchange if it is indoors (most are tucked away in the attic if they are present).

These are the major things that you can experience but there are many other problems that you can be forced to deal with as well. Electrical issues, regulators and other small electronic components can fail. No one gives much thought to what really can go wrong and what it is that makes an air conditioner work until it doesn’t work anymore.

Maintenance Can Help!

All the things that can go wrong with your system can be avoided if you take the time to make sure you get your system maintenance you will avoid most of the issues that can crop up! Spotting problems early on can save you big!

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