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Tips To Servicing Your Air Con System

Servicing and maintaining the usability of your air con is very important, especially in a climate in Singapore. The hot and humid weather here increased our dependence on air con for cooling purposes. Nowadays without air con, most people will find it hard to sleep at night. It is no wonder why servicing your air con regularly should be your main priority.

If you are a DIY sort of person, the following tips will help you to maintain and service your air con system without much outside help.

Many air con problems can be prevent if you have a habit of cleaning and maintaining your air con system regularly. A bi-weekly or monthly schedule of cleaning and washing of your air con grille and filter will help to keep your air con from being clogged up by dust build up. When your filter started to get clogged up, it will make your air conditioner less efficient in cooling the room. Regular cleaning will also help to extend the lifespan of your air con system.

Some other common air con problems includes faulty cooling, water leakage and noisy operation. These problems can usually be resolved by referring to the user manual and implementing the solutions recommended.

Before attempting any aircon servicing or maintenance of your air con system, please ensure the power supply is switch off. Removing the grille and filter is very simple. However, if the fan is attached to the grille, you should take extra precaution when removing the grille and disconnecting it from the fan. Take note of the wiring connecting the fan. After removing the grille and filters, wash them thoroughly to remove all the clogged dust particles.

If your air con system does not power up, check whether your power supply is on. Otherwise, it may be a case of broken fuse or power tripped. Refer to the user manual to replace the fuse. It should be a very easy and simple job. This is one of the more common problems that you should avoid as you can easily change the fuse yourself and prevent yourself from spending unnecessary money to engage a contractor.

Another common problem is water leakage. This is normally a case of clogged drainage pipe which prevent your water from flowing out. Instead water is trapped inside your drainage system when it reached its max, water will start dripping or leaking out from your air con. Another cause of water leakage may be due to a leaking duct. Replace the duct will normally resolve the leaking problem. Refer to the user manual for instructions on how to change the duct.

Faulty cooling may be the result dust clogged up. By cleaning or replacing your filters will normally resolved the problem. Otherwise, it may be due to faulty thermostats. It is not easy for those who are non technical to repair or replace them and it is advisable to seek professional help if you have a thermostat problem.

To put it simply, it is best to seek professional help if you are not confident of servicing the air con yourself or simply do not have the time to do it yourself.

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