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Why My Air Con Is Not Cold

There are many reasons why your air conditioner is not working as well as before and feeling less cold. Normally, this is a way for your air conditioner to inform you that it is time to service them. For most people, it is time to call their air con contractor or a profession air con servicing company for help. However, you can first try to service and clean your air conditioner system before engaging any professional help. By servicing and cleaning your air conditioner system yourself, you can help to maintain efficiency of your air conditioner system as well as cut down on unnecessary expenses.

The normal causes of air conditioner system not working well or cold are listed below:

  • Clogged air filters
  • Air conditioner temperature not set correctly
  • Doors and windows are not close properly
  • Air flow direction is not set correctly
  • Air conditioner not set in cooling mode
  • Metal parts may corroded and tot working properly
  • Fan motor may be clogged with dust and other particles
  • Air conditioner unit’s air inlet and outlet clogged up
  • Air conditioner may be sized wrongly

Ways to minimise your air conditioner from having problems:

  • Service your system regularly
  • Clean and wash your air conditioner filters regularly
  • Change the air filters if necessary
  • Make sure you read the  user manual first before using your air conditioner
  • Engage professional help if you do not have time to service your air conditioner

Benefits of servicing your air conditioner system regularly:

  • More efficient cooling from your air conditioner system
  • Extend lifespan of your air conditioner system
  • Lower electrical bills

Regular maintenance and servicing of your air conditioner is very important if you are to maintain good air quality in your home. This is especially important if you have kids or old people at home who are more sensitive to indoor air quality. If you do not have time to service your air conditioner, it is advisable to engage a professional air con contractor or company to help you.

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