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Why My Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water

Air conditioners are of great importance to people, especially those who have to contend with hot weather conditions often through the year. You want them to function properly so that you get the best out of them and keep things cool in your surroundings. They also ensure that your surroundings are dehumidified, which makes a lot of difference. That’s why you want them to be functioning in the best possible way and you have to take any problems related to them seriously. It’s particularly true in case your air conditioner is leaking water because it can be a sign of much bigger problems.

There are many who go on using their air conditioners even when they leak water assuming that there’s no issue with their functioning at all. But that’s not the case in many instances and if your Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water you are better off getting it checked sooner rather than later. There are several reasons that it could be leaking water and the damages could be a lot worse if you don’t get the problem fixed at the earliest. It could well be that one of the components of your unit is malfunctioning, which is why the leakage appears in the first place.

In case your air conditioner is leaking water it could be because of one of the several reasons that include:

• Condensation leaks, which are commonly seen in the summer months when you use your unit almost constantly. You will notice water dripping from your air conditioner and it’s because the condensation is more than it should be. The evaporator coil in your unit is responsible for dehumidifying your surroundings and it does that by getting rid of condensation and adding dry air. It can happen that the condensation leaks through the air conditioner. While in some cases you can solve the problem by turning off the unit, if it keeps happening over and over again, you might need to seek help of a professional.

• If your air conditioner is leaking water it could also be because the air filter has been clogged due to dust or any other reason. It can restrict the air flow through the unit and the evaporator coil tends to freeze. That’s when the water leaks over the edge of the condensate pan. Regular cleaning of the filter can avoid this problem in most cases.

Clogging of the drain pipe could also be the reason behind water leakage through the unit. Over time an increasing amount of dust in the air is drawn into the unit. It leads to the dust and water coming together forming sticky dirt that can clog the drain pipe. That will lead to the condensation leaking out.

• The insulation at the back of the unit is responsible for soaking up the condensation that is formed on the copper wire. As the insulation gets worn out over time, it can’t do this job well and can be responsible for the leak from the back of the unit.

If your air conditioner is leaking water it could be due to one of these varied reasons and in some cases help of a professional might be needed at the earliest.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Rick yang says:

    I stay at level 5 of an apartment. My Aircon is a ceiling mounted casette system. My neighbour directly above me at Level 6 complained on a few occasions that their floor would be filled with water, really a lot of water, whenever I turned on my Aircon for long duration like one full day.
    Is it possible? Thanks

    • Alex Poh says:

      Hi Rick, sorry for the late reply. Yes, it is possible. It is highly plausible this may be a case of condensation leaks or wearing out of insulation which is why your neighbour is having this problem. It is best to get someone to check out your system before it gets out of hand.