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Portable Air Conditioners Pros And Cons

Having an air conditioner is a must if you want to stay cool and comfortable in your home, even during extremely hot weather conditions. With an air conditioner you can always keep your home at a preferable temperature, so you don’t have to go home and worry about sitting on your sofa sweating away in

Central Air Conditioning System

A central air conditioner circulates cool air through a mechanism  of ducts. There is a supply duct and a return duct. A supply duct gives out cool air and while it circulates in the house, it becomes warm so it is picked up by the return duct and taken to the central air register. A

What is BTU?

BTU or British Thermal Unit as it is traditionally called, is the unit of energy used to calculate the amount of energy that will be needed to raise the temperature of a room by one degree. This calculation is mostly done with respect to cooling and heating since it is concerned with temperature. In simple

Cassette Air Conditioner

Do you have a room that has absolutely no window or wall space for an AC? The fan is just not enough to cool it and you need an AC but just don’t know how to fit it in. You don’t want floor ACs as they require bulky looking ducts and the room has absolutely

Choosing The Right Air Conditioner For Your Home

It’s important to have an air conditioner in your home if the weather is hot and humid. An air conditioner can help keep the temperature inside your home at a comfortable level, so you can enjoy yourself instead of always feeling hot and uncomfortable. There are ways to make your air conditioner more efficient, and