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Introduction to Portable Air Conditioners

In many tropical countries air conditioners are both a luxury and a necessity. In the tropics summers can be extremely hot which can even be too much even for the people native to these areas. This is why many homeowners in tropical countries are opting to install air conditioning in their homes to provide them relief from the scorching heat of the sun. However as air conditioning units are a bit on the expensive side many are finding portable air conditioners a good alternative to keep cool even in the tropics. These are some of the benefits of using portable air conditioners compared to centralized air conditioning.

Benefits of using portable air conditioners

Cheap and affordable — the main advantage of using portable air conditioners is its affordability. For people who are low on budget but still wants to have their rooms air conditioned these portable AC types are perfect for the job. Most of these units will just cost around $200 which is extremely affordable compared to conventional air conditioning units.

Portability — another advantage of using this type of air conditioning unit is its portability. One can easily move these air conditioners from one area of the house to another. It is perfect for apartments condominiums and small houses. Unlike conventional AC units it is normally installed and placed in a fixed location which can be a hassle when moving and such.

Saves energy — As tropical countries have only two types of climates sunny and rainy air conditioning is normally used all year round. For people with limited budget living in these countries paying electric bills for air conditioning may be too much. Portable air conditioning units can help save energy because one can limit the use of air conditioning one room at a time. Unlike conventional air conditioning units that cool the entire house every time it is turned on even though only part of the house is in use. One can easily focus on cooling a specific area of the house which is extremely energy efficient.

No installation — portable air conditioners do not require any installation. One simply plugs it into an electric outlet and it is ready to use. This is one of the main reasons why these types of air conditioners are gaining popularity particularly in tropical countries. This feature can also save money are installation fees are no longer needed.

Excellent Dehumidifiers — tropical climate can at some time be extremely humid. Portable air conditioners can be great Dehumidifiers as many of these units have a built-in
dehumidifying function. These units are perfect for people with allergies or have allergic reactions to humidity. One can easily place it in a room when needed and simply move it to anywhere without any hassle. These units also have filters to sieve out allergens such as pollens dust and such.

Disadvantages of portable air conditioning units

Noise — one of the main disadvantages of using portable air conditioning units is the noise it generates. Window and centralized AC have the motor located outside of the room or house which makes it quiet. Portable units have the motor also inside a room which can be a bit noisy.

Limited cooling ability — As portable AC units are perfect for small homes apartments and studio-type rooms and such it is not quite effective for large spacious houses. As portable ACs is small in size compared to conventional AC units its cooling ability is also small. In tropical countries portable ACs is not practical when used in spacious rooms especially as air cooling is needed all year round.

Cleaning — in normal AC units moisture from the condensation that happens inside its motor is funneled out of the unit through hoses and is conveniently disposed outside of the house or room. However portable AC units only have moisture trays that need to be emptied and cleaned on a regular basis especially if one uses it for lengthy periods of time.