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What You Wish You Had Known Before Buying That Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners (PACs) are a great substitute for an air conditioning system, especially if you are living in a property that you do not own. PACs are easily movable from room to room and do not require an electrician in order to be installed. There are some factors to consider before you hop out

The Importance Of Air Conditioning Servicing – Especially in Singapore

Singapore has a climate that is very much tropical – it boasts high levels of humidity and temperatures that average around 31 degrees Celsius year-round. Heat is everywhere in Singapore, and almost all commercial and private buildings have air conditioning systems installed. When you are so dependent on air conditioning systems for comfort, it is best

Why Is My Portable Air Condition Blowing Hot Air?

Before delving into the mechanisms of your portable air conditioning unit (PAC), consider doing the following: make sure there are no large obstructions situated in front of your PAC that could hinder air flow into the unit. Check the exhaust hose and remove any obstructions inside the hose, and keep the hose unbent. Lightly vacuum

Common Portable Air Conditioner Installation Mistakes – Are You Guilty of These?

Those who purchase portable air conditioners (PACs) usually do so because these units are great alternatives to central air conditioning systems. PACs are compact, mobile, and much easier to install than your average central AC system. In addition, PACs concentrate on cooling a smaller area, thus being more cost-effective to run. Despite its convenience, however,

Are Air Conditioning Units Able to Keep The Air Inside Our Rooms Clean?

Keeping the air quality of your home at good levels is highly important – air pollutants can enter the bloodstream through harming lung tissue and cause many health complications. The following is a short list of possible causes of air pollutants that may currently be found in your home. 1. Ozone Many individuals and families