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Advice On Servicing Your Air Conditioners

When your air conditioner is in a proper working condition, it can be quite easy to forget that it even exists. Fortunately, an air conditioner is one of those very reliable pieces of equipment with a great reputation for long life span and durability. However, it definitely needs a little attention and love to ensure

Why My Air Conditioner Is So Noisy?

If your air conditioner is noisy, AC technicians recommend checking the quality of the noise first before identifying the source. If the pitch for example is unusually high, it can indicate a compressor glitch. If the sound is primarily rattling or clanking in nature, it can come from loose spares inside the unit. A more

Why My Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water

Air conditioners are of great importance to people, especially those who have to contend with hot weather conditions often through the year. You want them to function properly so that you get the best out of them and keep things cool in your surroundings. They also ensure that your surroundings are dehumidified, which makes a

Why My Air Conditioner Is Emitting A Foul Smell?

If your air conditioner is emitting a foul smell while running, it’s important that you get it identified and removed right away. More so if the unit is running in tropical climate, because sultry weather conditions are not exactly favorable circumstances for air-conditioning units to run if they are not used and serviced properly. For

What Are The Benefits Of Regular Air Conditioner Servicing

Air conditioner servicing is of great importance to all home and business owners alike. You might have air conditioners in your house for the comfort of your loved ones or in your offices so that you create a comfortable working environment for your team members. You might use them all through the year or in