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Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down

Most people do not consider the condition of their air conditioner until something happens to it. There are many mechanical parts to your air conditioning system that can cause problems. Your system can easily fail when you least expect it. There are a host of things that can go wrong with your system. There are

Air Conditioners Mistakes You Should To Avoid

Singapore’s climate is warm and humid throughout the year with rainfall happening almost every day. Due to its climate, it can be very uncomfortable for those who are not used to such equatorial climate. As such, air conditioners are a must have for Singaporeans to escape from the smouldering heat. You will be hard pressed

Why My Air Con Is Not Cold

There are many reasons why your air conditioner is not working as well as before and feeling less cold. Normally, this is a way for your air conditioner to inform you that it is time to service them. For most people, it is time to call their air con contractor or a profession air con

Tips To Servicing Your Air Con System

Servicing and maintaining the usability of your air con is very important, especially in a climate in Singapore. The hot and humid weather here increased our dependence on air con for cooling purposes. Nowadays without air con, most people will find it hard to sleep at night. It is no wonder why servicing your air